Association Management Consultancy

Today, associations need an effective management strategy and structured operational activities to meet the requirements of their members. In order to take advantage of fiscal and financial needs, as well as performance enhancing consultancy, associations now have the option to outsource these services to external resources.

Within K2 we serve associations and foundations with our consultancy: our Headquarter and Ankara offices are in use as the Headquarters of several associations at the moment. Our staff is well trained in providing a range of services required for smaller and mid-size associations, such as managing the membership data, the secretariat, and storing the associations’ records.

In addition we provide these services:

  • Management of the Association to provide strategic planning
  • Experience and knowledge about the institutional structure
  • Membership services improving the relationship with the members
  • Skilled and qualified personnel to be employed in the service of the Association
  • Technological advantages
  • Recruitment of personnel
  • Assistance to help ensure compliance with legal regulations
  • Public Relations activities 
  • Consultancy in the establishment of national and international collaborations

Consultancy services as Directors of the Association:

  • Strategic planning
  • Membership acquisition, tracking and communication services 
  • Coordination of services 
  • Planning and organizing training sessions
  • Advising on legal regulations
  • Media relations
  • Social media monitoring 
  • Commercial, economic, and financial advisory services 
  • Quality Management System consulting services 
  • Accreditation programs and Certification programs